Altered sensations.

26 Mar 2017

I was reminded today of how much our senses overlap...

We tend to think of each of our senses as having mainly one purpose, yet how many of us look but don't see; listen but don't hear; touch but never feel? As I sat under a large laurel with the snow gently coming down I began playing with words to try and find a connection between nature and its multiple dimensions.

So as I opened my own heart I became aware that as the snowdrop fell on my cheek it became more than just a melting snow flake – it had real energy to it. For the short time it was with me it moved between landing as gently as a feather, through the wet of its melting state and onto the movement of it slipping down my cheek. Then I began to feel the warmth my clothes afforded my body even as my face became colder to the crisp morning air. There was a Robin sheltering just behind me and together we silently listened. The leaves around us began to droop under the weight of the snow and sighed gently as it slipped from them to the ground beneath. I became fascinated by what was unfolding before me and with that in mind wanted to try and share with you my thoughts on just how multifaceted the world we live in is.

I hope you enjoy a little journey through altered sensations…. ('enjoy the grass; watch it play' may seem a little bit of a stretch haha.)

Feel Nature Calling

Taste the rain upon your face

Smell the wind its sweet embrace

See the scent of webs of lace

And hear nature calling

Feel the cacophony of birds up high

Smell the trees and watch them sigh

Consider the rabbits in sun they lie

And hear nature calling

Embrace the trees and all they say

Listen to bulrush gently sway

Enjoy the grass; watch it play

And hear nature calling

Hold onto sand as it drifts

Engage the shadows as they slip

Dance with nothing as it sits

And hear nature calling

Quench the pain of hungered love

Grasp the kiss of one black dove

Play the dance of one last move

And hear nature calling

Caress the sun and all its rays

In your own adoring gaze

Feel the ice through the blaze

And hear nature calling

Drink the sounds of oceans deep

Watch the dance of restful sleep

Time to feast and drink in deep

The sound of nature calling

With very best wishes


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