An adjustment technique for sceptical bodies.

20 Sep 2014

I love the Affirmations A-Z post by Lex. It is great to see and express the reality of who we really are." I am..." is a very powerful statement.

At first I cringed away from the mirror and could not keep eye-contact with myself while stating that "I am beautiful... ". Gradually it got better and after a month I could do it with just a little bit of irony shining out from the depths of my eyes.

But it was a painful process to my body saying all those lovely things. It protested loudly. So I was very relieved when I recently learnt that there is another way of tackling affirmations.

Say/write your affirmation. Ask your body if it agrees with the statement and sense the response. If it agrees, fine - carry on to strengthen your body's awareness of how wonderful you are. If it does not totally agree - ask what ever higher power you believe in (your higher self, angels...) to adjust that bit in your body that doesn't agree so that the conflict will disappear (immediately or over time).

For me this technique removes a lot of the stress of making affirmations. I really enjoy it when my body totally agrees. I celebrate my progress. And when it doesn't agree I appeal to my angels to remove the obstacle from my spine and as they do this I feel a sense of calm and satisfaction pour over me. I believe this is called healing.

So here I am sharing this soothing ritual with you all. An extra tip is to say the affirmations while focusing on your body chakra by chakra and that way learn where the blockages are. It is funny when some chakras agree that I love myself completely and some not. My aim is to reach a state when all my chakras agree that I love myself, always.

Actually using this affirmation-adjustment-technique I can get there every day!

Love to us all,


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