And I dreamed I'm an Eagle.

8 Apr 2018

It said on the Moodscope card, "Inspired... feeling the desire to do something," and then I remembered the dream. I dreamed I was an eagle.

I spread my wings and the wind beneath my wings lifted me up.

Up, up, up...


High in the Sky.

The air was thin but pure.

I breathed in d-e-e-p-l-y and felt renewed, uplifted, inspired, free, ready to do something with my Life.

And then you came to me. The other eagle. Graceful. Ancient. Wise.

We flew side by side, wing tip to wing tip, moving as one.

I wondered what your name was, and the name came: Águila!

"Learn from me, for I am gentle, and you will find rest... then take my purpose upon you for my mission is easy and my work is Light..." so came to me the thoughts of Águila the Eagle.

"What is your purpose," I thought out loud.

"To pause for thought, take a deeper breath, and allow the air to inspire you, the height to capture your imagination, and the distance to give you perspective."

Then I remembered that I was really earth bound. I had no wings. I could not fly. And I woke up from my dream... but some thoughts remained.

"Walk where the air is moving, pause for thought, allow the moment to inspire you as you breathe deeper, distance yourself from all the busyness of your Life, and let the distance give you perspective... then, and only then, will you be the Eagle you dream to be, ready to take today's purposeful action."

And thus, earthbound, I took flight...

[Dear Moodscopers, may you be inspired today...]



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