Angel’s Advocate

10 Apr 2022

You’ve heard of the devil’s advocate? This is the person who deliberately takes a position in opposition to a favoured path or perspective. The idea is that the devil’s advocate will make us think more deeply about a choice to be made or shift our perception of a situation in a beneficial manner.

In my experience, most people who say they’d like to play devil’s advocate rather enjoy being in opposition! It often seems to be the perfect excuse to be critical and abrasive. That’s the last thing I need, and I probably speak for you too. I need comfort, hope, reassurance.

I’d like to propose the role of, “Angel’s Advocate.” The Angel’s Advocate deliberately looks for how matters and perspectives can be improved. The Angel’s Advocate also looks for the Truth. The Angel looks for what is good.

I’m a Moodscope Member because I need to be. When I spiral down into the depths of despair (which, alas, is increasingly frequently), I need angelic support. Angel means ‘Messenger’ and thus you Moodscopers are often my Angels – bringing messages of hope and support to all of us. Thank you, you’re an angel.

The concept of the Angel’s Advocate arose when I tracked some of my inner thoughts whilst in the depths of hopelessness. Here’s the truth: my assessments of my situation aren’t true. When low, my inner-dialogue highlights the worst-case scenario in ‘everything’. ‘Everything’ feels terrible, hopeless, impossible. And that, dear friends, is rubbish. It is so far from the truth, it’s almost laughable (even if laughter also feels impossible!)

This is where my Angel’s Advocate jumps into the fray. Like an expert coach, the Angel’s Advocate gently points out that Life is pretty good on many, many levels. Often, it is enough to remind myself of the principle of an Angel’s Advocate. Once I remember to check for the truth and the good, other possibilities emerge.

Next time you find your thoughts spiralling down into doom and gloom. Call upon your Angel. Let your Angelic Advocate shine light into the situation and reveal more of the truth, give you options, possibilities, alternatives, comfort.


A Moodscope member.

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