Anniversaries; celebrate or commiserate

11 Dec 2020

Anniversaries can remind us of happy times like birthdays, weddings, milestones like graduation, years in business, the age of an organisation, a country, a building etc.

Anniversaries can remind us of sad times, tragedies, disasters, deaths, wars, divorce, loss, and many other things.

I suppose with a happy anniversary it is easy to remember all the good times and to be happy and share the day with others.

With sad anniversaries do we remember only the sad times, or do we also reflect on the good times we had before the sad times. I know with some instances all the memories will be sad so even the thought of acknowledging an anniversary is too much.

There are people who remember every birthday and every anniversary of the death of a loved one, whereas other people choose to only remember their loved one’s life and celebrate that.


As I write this blog today is the 15th year since I opened my shop. I do feel sad that it is no longer, but I also am trying to feel grateful for all the years I had, all the pleasure my shop gave me and others and to remember the wonderful times. So today I will look at photos of my wonderful cluttered and quirky shop and smile because I was lucky to have it.


Of course, being positive about the anniversary of the passing of a loved one would be so difficult and different. Every anniversary is different and we all cope with sad and happy anniversaries in our own way.


I wonder if you could share with me how you share sad anniversaries and anniversaries that are happy and sad?

Do you think that happy anniversaries get more attention than sad ones?


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