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20 Mar 2022

I grew up with a label - “second mother” to my younger brother, and my very young self was lead to enjoy this as a huge compliment. But. At best, I find it a phrase of kindly meant, slightly pressured, protection - a wordy arm around the shoulder of my brother. At worst, it’s a weighty stone anchoring me to a responsibility I neither put my hand up for nor wish for, whilst anchoring my brother into the cage of “you will never fully grow up”. 

I stopped responding to the statement a while ago, and as soon as I connected it to my mental health. 

But sibling responsibility, when sewn into the fabric of yourself from a tender age, is not something easily stepped out of, if ever. For the past 3 or 4 years I have been supporting one of my brothers in his business, and in complicated circumstances, because it ties through the family. I feel caught between rocks and hard places. 

Some of us have touched on sibling responsibility before. I’m interested to hear how you navigated and how you protected yourself inside that, if you have time to share with me. Thank you. 


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