Are you a Goddess?  Or maybe a Superhero?

11 Sep 2021

I will be honest and say that I can struggle a little with being sure I call people the correct thing.  A friend of our family, whose name given at birth has always been a favourite of mine, is now a different name and I work hard to keep myself from using the old name. He is my friend, and I am his, and just because I can no longer use the name I so love saying (because it reminds me of my granny), doesn’t mean I should disrespect his request that he now be known differently. 

Anyway, the point is, I was brought up by a woman who burdened me with her inadequacy. I’m sad for that. But I also realised just before I drowned that I could reach a life raft, and so I grabbed for it. It had a little sign on it which reminded me that, to prevent the onwards bleed of inadequacy, I had to reframe myself.

And from that day onwards, as alien as it has felt, I started championing myself. I did things, just small things, and then when my kids said thank you, I’d say “It’s because I’m a Goddess”.  I’m not a Goddess. I’m never going to be a Goddess, I don’t even look good in white and strappy sandals. But I say it. And now, they say it back to me - they say “Thank you, you’re a Goddess”. And I use that type of terminology on them - “Legendary behaviour”, “Olympian”, “Well I worship you my God”… anything that is funny, but serious.

And I hope it bleeds through the next generations. Self-belief is one of our biggest tools.  I am not just a maker of poached eggs, am in fact a Goddess.

Tell me – who will you be? 


Love from

The room above the garage (Goddess) 

A Moodscope member.

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