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11 Feb 2020

My Name is Jason. About ten years ago I had a hip replacement, it was a long struggle but I got through it. At the time I could push myself past the pain and just man up and get going.

Almost five years later I had to have my other hip replaced. At the time the doctors and I decided to go through the front so it wouldn't be such a hard recovery. The next morning the therapist got me up to walk and I fell to the floor totally unable to move (butt naked!) That put me back in pain but even so they sent me home that evening.

The next day I realised I had an infection and my daughter called my nurse. They gave me antibiotics which made me sick. It resulted in twenty one days off work, during which my job was changed and it was like 15 years didn't mean anything to them.

People I thought I could trust just seemed to leave me hanging. I was mad and upset with everyone including myself. I still think if I hadn't fell at the hospital I would be fine.

I struggle daily at times still because now I have arthritis in my back and it's getting worse. I have had thoughts in my mind that just bring me down. I never thought I'd be like this but I've been depressed and didn't know it. Sometimes hearing about others going through something similar helps.

I'm not over it, but I'm trying everyday. Take it from me, if you are struggling just try to talk to someone, I have a friend at work and if it wasn't for her I'd be a total mess.

Just try to find a way to help yourself.


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