Are you the favourite?

27 Nov 2020

I was watching the series the Crown recently and there was a scene where prince Philip asks the Queen who her favourite child is. She denies having a favourite but Prince Philips says he knows hers and his favourite.


It is not something people talk about, but I remember when growing up, friends saying they were the favourite. A radio announcer said he was not the favourite, and he was an only child. A friend of mine at her mother’s funeral when all five children were in their 60s and 70s found out that they all felt they were the favourite. What a loving mother to make them all feel special.


Why must we have favourite, why must we choose a favourite child, a favourite food, a favourite colour, a favourite movie, favourite book etc?

What is the need we have to place people and things we love and like in order. Is it possible to like everyone and most things without it being a popularity contest?

When I am asked what my favourite book is, song, film etc. my mind goes blank and I start mumbling and rambling. I suppose I could just remember an answer. I always say blue is my favourite colour when in theory I do not have one.

I suppose with colours, food, and movies there is not much damage done, but when there is talk about a favourite child, I think that can cause long-term problems.


My son felt he was his grandpas’ favourite when my dad was insistent, he had no favourites he loved them all. My son just smiled and knew he was the favourite.

Maybe having someone make us feel that we are special is the key without singling out one person but having everyone feel the favourite - feel they are appreciated.


Do you think it is good to have a favourite, food, book, film son or something else? Do you think having a favourite in a family is a good idea? Is it fairer to make everyone feel appreciated and valued? Did you feel you were the favourite?


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