Are you too hard on yourself?

9 Sep 2021

A few weeks ago, Dragonfly commented I appeared to be too hard on myself. In my life people often comment on this.

I have two answers

1 It is my attempt at being funny to make light of myself.

2 I don’t feel I am, but rather being realistic.


Sometimes I am not aware I am being unreasonable on myself and expecting very high standards.


When we find that someone saying something positive to us is difficult but thinking the criticism is correct, this may be an example that we are demanding on ourselves.

We may never think we have done something well and are often annoyed for making a fault or being unwell.

Can you remember when someone made us feel that we weren’t quite good enough.? How did you feel?


I have read that comparing yourself to others, using negative language and thinking that everything your do has no value is part of being hard on yourself.

I think you can sometimes be hard on yourself in a humorous way without being negative all the time and having little self-esteem.


What does being  hard on yourself mean to you? Do you think you can be funny about your faults? Can being hard on yourself be a symptom of depression?


Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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