As we say goodbye to the year

29 Dec 2022

As we say goodbye to the year 2022, inevitably one starts to review what and how it was. Like all years, not devoid of interest and news. The war in Ukraine started in February, much to everyone’s shock and horror, and personally I was filled with anxiety and on red alert. Would it spread like wildfire and come to our shores? After all, Putin, seemed reckless enough. With a determined and vengeful agenda. As the year closes, things are no better for the Ukrainians, with fresh bombings. The world looks on, and frantic acts of help have been going on. We can only hope…

But on a personal level, we have all made progress. This isn’t always evident. It has seemed at times like several steps backwards . But we have come forward. There have been small successes, even large successes. There has been joy in among the sorrow and heartbreak. I feel it. I know I have come forward by a year. Wiser in some areas. Maybe a closer observer of human nature. Better at giving in to tiredness and less scathing of my need for sleep and rest whatever time that may be, if I can manage it.

I’ve learnt from Moodscope and Moodscopers, been fortunate in my friendships and support, valued time at occasions, a wedding, and yes, even at a funeral, and shared a “big birthday” celebration with friends that go back to our teens.

I’ve witnessed loyalty and heard some fine tributes. The young people whose wedding we attended spoke openly of their love for each other, and for the guests, stating we’d all helped them in some measure achieve. What a brave statement, what a gift to each invitee sitting there hearing this. What generosity of spirit!

So yes, I am thankful to have lived through, and mostly enjoyed, 2022. Yes, there was sadness, yes, there were disappointments, fears and anxieties, and some depression, but on balance, it was a year worth living, and I am lucky to be me, and to be alive.

I have an awful lot to be thankful for, and 365 days more experience under my belt.

How about you?


A Moodscope member

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