Backstage concerts

6 Dec 2020

I love live music.  Since I was very young it has been my pull to be at as many gigs and concerts as I can manage.  In younger days, I’d sometimes break rules to find a way, and I just felt heart full and happy to feel music, not just hear it. There are far fewer opportunities nowadays since I had children, and then moved into solo parenting.  But I have managed still to always be near music.

I’ve found the Covid-19 closing of venue doors to bring me sorrow.  Even if (pre-pandemic) I couldn’t attend with my timetable, I knew they were there, and thriving.  I feel real sorrow that they are quiet.  I miss orchestras, I miss rock, I miss small folk bands, I miss huge pipe bands, I miss quiet solo acoustics and I miss big arena gatherings.  I miss being myself and I miss feeling I belong, with like-minded souls. But it will be ok. Where there is a want, a way can be found.

Once again the online world brings great creativity. I’ve watched three concerts recently, live, in my PJs and in the front row. It’s been strikingly poignant watching rows of empty seats as singers cast out themselves into the silent world.  They sing, they play, and silence is their audience. But it feels fittingly beautiful to know that that poignancy holds no sorrow – it is instead a strong beacon. It says we’re together. We’re here. We are limited but we’re here. 

We are still very separated but there is spirit and connection available, it’s just going to take a little more bravery and effort to find. 

Keep writing your own headlines. 

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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