18 Aug 2019

For you, today, gentle words of encouragement... especially if you feel what follows isn't true for you!

I filmed a remedial massage therapist. Amanda got the group of professional women to stand up and blow into a balloon. She explained that the lungs were an essential part of our, "core stabilisers." As we stand and exhale strongly enough to fill a balloon (20 times in the morning while the kettle is boiling), we re-establish our stability. Sitting for protracted periods of time affects our hip-hinge in a very unhelpful way, leading to core instability when we stand. This instability is responsible for many of the injuries that she addresses.

Amanda's claim is that we need to activate our core stabilisers... and then she went on to say something I'm not sure I believe, but which I thought was fascinating. She said, "We don't grow old; we grow instable." Hey, I didn't even think this was a word in English! Some grammarians, however, accept 'instable' as a word. It means, "exhibiting instability." She continued, "Our bodies are not designed to sit down. Our bodies are designed to move."

Jumping to my granddaughters, it's been a delight to see each of them in turn overcome instability in their quest to walk. There is something within them that helps them move from instability to stability – to achieve both balance and momentum.

I am aware of the same concept shown in how our bodies normally regulate temperature, and blood sugar, and all the things we don't pay attention to until they go wrong! The 'norm' is balance – stability.

Nature, too, moves all the while towards balance. One way or another, with or without our help, the Earth will find ecological balance again. Life always finds a way, even if it seems to take forever.

Here, then, are my words of encouragement to those of us who are sad now. Joy will come again. It's balance.

Here, then, are my words of encouragement to those of us who weep now. We will smile again. It is the way of balance.

Here are my words of encouragement to those of us who feel confused and lost now. We will regain clarity and direction. This is the way of balance.

When we are in the midst of sorrow, loss, weeping, and confusion – we do not feel there will ever be a change but there will be. This is as certain as day following night, Spring following Winter, grandchildren learning to walk. Time brings balance. There is hope.


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