4 Aug 2019

Yesterday, I caught my side against a chunk of rusty metal as I was bringing in the bins. My mind instantly instructed me that this was because I was 'clumsy'. "Interesting!" I thought.

Life is not the way I want, nor the way I thought it would turn out. My mind tells me this is because I am 'stupid'. It has also volunteered other unwanted reasons for my circumstances such as I am, in its opinion, 'lazy' and 'fat'! In fact, I can't remember the last time it said anything nice to me.

If my mind was a friend, it would soon be an ex-friend.

Let's be clear. This is MY mind. It's part of me and is the sum of the patterns of thinking I've practiced for 58 years. It is my problem, and, therefore, I am the solution. I can change my mind.

It's going to take time – a lot of time – but I am beginning with that one word, "Because."

Why did I hurt my side on the rusty metal? It was because I was carefully negotiating the passage of the bins through the gate and didn't see the danger. It was not because I was clumsy, it was because I simply didn't see. I was, in fact, being diligent and thoughtful because that's the way I am.

My circumstances are the way they are mainly because of poor choices I've made... and that's good news. I have a million choices ahead of me – better choices that I can make, and they will make all the difference. I'm not in control of everything, but I am in control of more than I realise or give myself credit for.

I will improve my circumstances because I have learned much over the years.

I have learned much over the years because I am becoming wiser.

I will become slimmer and more healthy because I will exercise more.

I will become even more wise because I am still learning, and learning is exponential.

And I will be kinder to myself because I am worth it.

"Because," means to 'Be' the 'Cause' – so be the cause of something better.

Be the cause of something wonderful in your life today. Be kind to yourself because you're worth it. Write in the comments some of the encouraging words you say to yourself so that we may be encouraged too. I want to see the good things you say about yourself.


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