Becoming Angels

6 Feb 2023

Who have been, and even now may be, the ‘angels’ in your life?  My favourite angel is the latest to manifest in my life – and what a lovely story I’m going to tell you. But first, to an ‘Aha!’ moment, and, second, to a call to action to help you decide whether to read the rest of this blog.

The Call to Action is to become an angel yourself – to be the answer to somebody else’s troubles and challenges. To pay forward the loving help you receive from your own angels.

The ‘Aha!’ moment is that angels not only bring messages (‘angel’ means ‘messenger’) but that they have their own backstory – their own stories…

My latest Angel is called, “Aly.” She’s quiet and stealthy. She could go missed. The baseball cap, pulled down to almost hide her eyes gives a message of privacy. But she’s not shy. Penny and I were compelled against our wishes to move my stuff that was in a paid for business store. We’d never missed a payment, and were never there – surely the ideal tenant. However, we think the landlady had a better offer. The cost of profit is the loss of a friendship of over a decade. The stress of finding a solution robbed me of sleep, and I could feel the symptoms that accompanied my first stroke coming on.

Anyway… having had a virus that ruined our Christmas, the ecosystem that is our planet, dumped another one on us for my birthday. This meant cancelling for the third year running our plans to celebrate. Instead, we started to move the mountains. Penny was not fit to do this. Aly passed her, and asked her if she’d like help. Being painfully polite, Penny lied and said she was OK.

Next day, Penny was too ill to join me. I was on my own. Aly walked past, and not being deterred by Penny’s earlier declining of her kind offer, she offered to help me. I said, “Yes!”  This is the best ‘yes’ I’ve ever said.

This total stranger went on to help me for two days – even travelling with me to unload at the other end. During the process, we chatted and chatted and chatted. My angel had just had to have her life-long companion, her dog, put down. They had been inseparable. She was in mourning. Helping me, she said, was a welcome distraction.

Angels come in all shapes and sizes and styles. This one has a consistent message of selfless kindness, but she also comes with a story. As you begin to notice more and more angels in your life, remember to listen out for their stories. And when you become that angel to someone else, don’t be ashamed to share your own story. Oftentimes, miracles come with a dialogue


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