28 Sep 2019

I was at a dinner party years ago, way back when I used to get invited to dinner parties, does anybody actually hold (or attend) them anymore? The guy sitting next to me said "I just want to be happy" and I retorted, "I just want to be".

Wow, I did not know this about myself until I heard myself say the words out loud and realised it was both true and profound.

I'm reminded of the glass half full/half empty debate which always drove me mad. It's neither and both I'd say. Why does it have to be one thing or another, why is it not just what it is? And if we really want to debate it we need more information. Was it full and now it's less full, so we might conclude it's on it's way down, or was it empty, and therefore on it's way up?

Why do we need all this labelling, does it serve any purpose? Optimistic or pessimistic - are we really one thing or another? I would suggest not. It may be that I'm optimistic of getting an interview for a recent job application, but I may be pessimistic about the commute (with all good reason).

I may be optimistic about finishing the 10K run, but pessimistic about doing so within the hour.

I do not want to be labelled as one thing or another, I am what I am in that moment and without a doubt, it will change. I do not want to have to be anything, I just want to be.


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