17 Mar 2018

"I have had an insight into the world of The Gardener and many others this month. Sadly my Dad died this week after falling and my Mum then caught flu from visiting him and ended up in hospital herself.

Caring is hard and often thankless work. I have been left with the impression of intensive care nurses who did not manage to sit down for their twelve hour shift. My Mum overdid things and then got dangerously ill herself.

Today after three weeks of rushing to juggle work, hospital visits, parenting, supervising homework, walking the dog, I have had a day to myself. The kids off to their Dad's, I walked the dog and allowed her the indulgence of getting disgustingly muddy, I put a beef stew in the slow cooker, and listened to the Clash with a cup of tea and the dog in bed (after she had a bath...I do have some standards, you know).

I have not endured years of care giving like others have. However, it has given me an insight into the hell, the exhaustion, the emotional ups and downs but also the humour of staff, the universality of a free health service and the community of friends that both I and my family are receiving so much from.

And the impact on mood....? We faced a few days thinking my Dad would be brain damaged and live a very different life. We are grateful that he was spared this. I need to remember that my mood is affected by sadness and grief, and then hopefully not by depression. But time will tell....


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