Big ticks and gold stars

30 Oct 2021

How is your confidence today? 


I’d never describe myself as a confident person. And I always presumed confident people sailed through life, never worrying, and were pretty much 98+% happy people. But that is not always true, and maybe never true! I’ve rejigged my thinking lately. I realise that I am confident in places. For example, I am confident that I can cook reasonably well. I’m never going to be on Masterchef but I can cook. Whether from a recipe, something long practiced, or something I’ve thrown together myself, I can cook healthy, nurturing meals and they taste good. So - I am confident. 


I walked along the beach this week and considered why, if I am confident in places, do I still feel the way I feel? One of those bolts flew down and into my head as I realised that I have been marrying up approval and confidence.   


I have believed I am not confident when I have instead been feeling doubt because of the need for approval. I need to work on ditching doubt and the need for approval, or it will damage the small confidence pot I’ve been building.   


So there is my little bolt from the blue moment and I thought I’d share it with you. Perhaps you too are unsettled inside because of an approval-ometer. Let’s ditch it. We are not just good enough as we are, we’re great enough as we are. Today, and now. I approve of that very much. 


Love from

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