Biscuit stealers

6 Feb 2022

Procrastination is likely to be familiar to us all. Whether it arrives dressed as a bone-deep tiredness, or as fear, or as exasperation of any known starting point, procrastination has probably taken a turn of sitting on top of each of us.   


I am as guilty as the next biscuit stealer - 'I'll just have a biscuit first'. It can be a feeling of suffocation when we know there is something that should and must be started, and yet there is no will for lining up the dominoes. Starting is one of the most powerful tools we have. So why is it so hard? 


Starting involves us in an unknown number of questions, and that is hard to face up to. We can’t always measure precisely what starting will bring us. Will it be difficult? Will we have enough energy? Will we know all the solutions? Will we be embarrassed? Will it feel good? Will it bring progress? Will there be guidance? There are scores of further questions that hold us back from simply starting. 


The answer is - we won’t know the answers. We can only leap. And the best way to leap is to look for the landing ground. Decide what we want it to look like and how we want it to feel. Keep only those things in our minds until we want them more, much more, than the stagnant place we wade in. And then leap.  


I’m still wading. But I know leaping will come next. Are you wading? Or leaping? 


Love from

The room above the garage 

A Moodscope member.

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