Blank Holiday

1 May 2022

Have you experienced the tyranny of the blank page? My strongest memory was of the need to write about my Summer Holiday Break when I returned from school. I think the teacher thought she was being kind – after all, there would be plenty to write about, wouldn’t there? I remember falling into deep friendship with the word ‘and’!

When you read this, it will be a Bank Holiday in the UK. I’ve had several ideas for an upbeat blog to share this week but the truth is, I think I’ve said it all before… I’ve been writing for Moodscope for a long time. In case you feel like you, too, have nothing to say, I wondered if you’d find this process interesting…

I remembered staring at a blank page, then I remembered the strategy we used to use with a jigsaw. We would start with the edges and the corners. My page has a ‘North’ and ‘South’, an ‘East’ and a ‘West’. These are interesting places to start with.

North is where I’m headed in life guided by my ‘true North’ values. In a word, this is ‘transformation’ for me through ‘new ideas’. My life’s quest has been to find better patterns of thinking to influence my behaviours and thus my results. Moodscope is a mine of good ideas.

My East and West are how I start and end the day respectively. Currently, coffee in the morning and Netflix with wine at night. I think I need to work on this! What’s your rhythm of the day? Can you share a better pattern?

In the South lie my roots – what I’m connected to: Moodscopers, family, friends, Nature – especially woods and water. The roots feed the fruits. If I don’t get enough time with my roots, my fruits fail.

What are your Norths, your Souths, your Easts, your Wests? I’m sure this creative exercise will work for you too.


A Moodscope member.

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