23 Jan 2023

What do we have to have, be, or do to feel really blessed. It’s a funny word, ‘blessed’ – meaning ‘happy’ or even ‘to be envied’.

I desire to be blessed, don’t you? And, more than this, I desire to be a blessing.(Only because it makes me feel good and better about myself, lol!)

Here’s a recipe for blessedness…

We’ll be blessed when we realise that we don’t have to do everything as self-sufficient people. Blessed are we when we have the grace to ask for help and accept it. No man or woman is an island.

Blessed are we who have known (or who know now, in the present moment) the depths of mourning. Why are we blessed? Because we are often comforted, often by strangers, and, if we manage to work our journey through the valley of mourning, we emerge stronger, AND more able to comfort others. The gifts of empathy are forged in the foundry of suffering. This holds true for mental torment too.

Blessed are we who don’t have a sense of entitlement, that so many have in the World. Blessed are we who have decided not to ask for anything before we’ve added massive value to those we know. Blessings ‘in’ before we ask or expect for blessings ‘out’ of Life.

Blessed are we who seek for justice and fairness in the World. This is the way to Government that we can believe in.

Blessed are we who give others a break – for we will have a time where we need others to cut us some slack too.

Blessed are we who see the best in others, who see the potential in others, who recognise possibilities in every moment.

Blessed are we who make peace (‘make’ rather than merely ‘keep’ peace) in the relationships between friends, family, our communities, and even our nations.  Blessed are we who work for reconciliation. Forgiveness is a balm of high value to heal damaged souls.

And blessed are we who stay faithful when others misread our good intentions and represent them as having ill-intent.


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