Blinded by the light!

3 Feb 2015

Often it is in the darkest of pits that you will see a light like no other. It will be difficult to describe to others and so personal that you will lose the blessing of this special experience if you go into too much depth with it to others.

There are some colours in this life that we are to keep and protect their beauty for our own well being. If we give give give and keep on giving we will have nothing at all left to offer others.

But, and I quote here:

'HE THAT WATERETH WILL HIMSELF BE WATERED'....that is my firm belief.

Look out for those rainbows and those drops of dew that sit nestled in the deep petals of the rose. Watch how Jack Frost glistens in the moonlight making the scenery look like a foreign land where many exciting secret adventures grow.

Enjoy each moment to the full, lest tomorrow be a bit emptier for you; and then look back when down, at your brighter day memories to remind yourself that these days ARE possible to happen again and WILL probably happen again for nothing stays the same forever and 'This too shall pass.'

Press on fellow sufferers until you find a sparkling jewel for yourselves!


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