Bottling a positive mood.

14 Apr 2014

Today I was chatting with my colleagues about Easter Eggs. So far I have 2 Easter Eggs, one of which I bought myself along with my 3 daughter's eggs. I told them that when my daughters were little I made Easter Eggs for them and all their cousins and that I was looking forward to doing the same with my grandchildren when they arrive. I also told them about a book that I have written (not published yet) about a cat flea who ski's and skates around the kitchen and garden and generally has lots of adventurous fun.

I felt really hyper after our few minute chat.

That got me thinking...

Wouldn't it be great if we could 'bottle' our hyper mood/happy mood/calm mood/loving mood?

I have started to make a list of the things which make me feel hyper when I talk about them:

1 My book.

2 Easter Eggs and making them (new hyper subject).

3 The thought of having lots of fun with grandchildren.

4 The craft projects and greetings cards that I make.

I will add to this list when I think of more things.

When I am needing a 'boost' of mood, I can telephone one of my friends or family and talk about one of the things on my list! Or even just peruse the list.

Yey! It has also resulted in my writing this blog for you and I hope it has inspired you or just made you feel happy about maybe having an Easter Egg soon.

Warmest wishes,


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