4 Jul 2019

I have just put all the ingredients into the breadmaker and as I write this blog, I can hear them all being mixed together and in approximately three hours I shall have a lovely healthy, seeded, nutty loaf of bread to look forward to.

Which do you think is the most important part of the equipment?

Initially, I thought it was the paddle, the smallest separate part that is handled (excluding the tiny parts in the electronics not seen to the eye). Put all the ingredients into the tin, forget to insert the paddle and you will not have a loaf of bread and the ingredients will be wasted. My conclusion therefore is that all of this chunky, large piece of metal is in fact absolutely useless without this very small, easy to lose, part.

Not so however, as equally the paddle has no function whatsoever on its own without all the metal equipment, seen or unseen. Therefore, one can only conclude that the breadmaker only works because each and every single part of it has been designed to work together, with I might add, the owner of the equipment - forget to put the yeast in with the mix and you have a strange scone! How do I know this...?

It's easy for us to forget how we fit into the whole so to speak, but I hope this demonstrates that we absolutely do. Without us, things simply do not function, or if they do, not as smoothly or as well.

We are all equally invaluable threads, interwoven in the great fabric of life. Please never tell yourself you have nothing to offer, that no-one would miss you if you weren't around, etc. This is not true.

I have spent most of my working life backstage – literally (although it's a lovely metaphor too) – watching the stars of the show receive the audience applause, feeling unimportant despite my very "important" job which contributed enormously to the overall production. I knew it did, but I did not feel that it did. I thought I did not matter, what I did, did not matter, the show would go on without me, and of course it would, but it wouldn't be the same.

Whether we are seen or not seen, we are all very much part of the whole. Behind every red carpet frock is a team of highly skilled individuals, contributing to it's existence. Behind every "star" performance or player, is a huge team of people making it happen. They rarely get seen let alone applauded. Every industry has its equivalent.

A moment to reflect that we are all part of the fabric of life and without us, there would be tears. Both types, as in watery tears from the eyes and a tear as in a slash or rip of torn material. Every fibre of our being has its rightful and equal place.

Now how is my bread doing?


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