Breaking Bad

23 May 2021

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How do we break out of a state of mind that we’d label as ‘bad’?

The most direct and rapid way to change our position on how we feel about the world, ourselves, and the day ahead is to…

…change our position! By this, I mean our physical position – our posture.

Feeling ‘down’ is always accompanied by a posture that is down. We look down – literally. Our shoulders tend to be hunched, our movements can be lethargic and laboured, and our general sense of being closed off to the future is mirrored in ‘closed’ body language.

I write this on the day of the Eurovision Song Contest – two day’s in advance of Monday’s blog. Almost without exception, the songs will be buoyant and bouncy, upbeat and uplifting. Look at that language…

‘Uplifting’ means what is says – to lift up. Upbeat means using a pace and a tone that has a strong positive beat to it as opposed to the laid-back style of ‘downbeat’. And as for ‘bouncy’ – I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen Tigger’s posture.

I’m going to warmly invite you onstage to perform. The stage will be your own kitchen. A hairbrush may help stand in as a microphone replacement – or a wooden spoon will do nicely! We’re going to call it, “The Neurovision Song Contest,” and YOU are the Star attraction!

Neurovision? Yes, we’re going to change the way you and I see the world, see ourselves, and see the future!

Your mission, in the privacy of your own kitchen, is to change your posture to being uplifting and upbeat, to be bouncy and buoyant. Singing in tune is utterly at your discretion. What is mandatory is that you give it some welly! My two favourite bouncy songs are:

“Can’t Stop The Feeling,” Justin Timberlake (and with a mere 1,400,014,003 views on YouTube, I’m clearly not alone) and

Jonh Lundvik’s Eurovision Song from 2019 “Too Late For Love.” Yes, I’ve mentioned them before, but I figured it was time for a revival!

You can choose your own songs but just promise me you’ll bounce! When you do that, you and I will bounce back to a more buoyant edition of ourselves.

OK? Want more? Good – if you get a chance to look at the video that goes along with today’s blog, I’ll show you a ridiculous exercise that will really get your body and brain breaking bad!



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