Burritos, rice and fitted sheets

2 Jun 2023

Sorry, this is not a recipe blog, but rather looking at well known household tips that work better than others. I know many of you maybe were hoping for recipes without the fitted sheets.

A few years ago, I heard there was a video on YouTube that showed how to put a cover on a  doona/quilt/duvet without jumping inside the cover or performing some incredible set of movements that only a gymnast could do without causing bodily harm.

I looked at the video and it looked easy, but I needed to watch it about ten times and then pause it and listen carefully. When I need to wash the cover and then put it back on quilt/doona/duvet I found I needed to watch the video again and I would often make big mistakes.

The video says you can do it alone, but they don’t mention not to do it with your partner. We took 40 mins to do what the video shows can be done in 90 seconds and that was mostly the arguing!!

Moodscopers may have heard about the rice cure for a wet mobile phone. The rice dries up the moisture. I had never heard anyone actually getting their mobile phone working again until last week. I was pleased it was not an urban myth as I had learnt about people buying enough rice to feed a family of ten for years.

The fact that there is a way to fold a fitted sheet I believe is an urban myth as I must see it done with my own eyes. The attempts I have seen just end up in a bundle of crumpled sheet, something I can do without instructions!!!

This not a blog about handy household hints, well it is, but it can also be about trying to do something you have had trouble with in a different way. It is about being open to new ideas.

Have you a handy trick to make life easy with in a domestic sense or for your mental health? Have you perfected the fitted sheet?

I know many people have recommended mindfulness to help me and I have tried reading books, doing workshops and practising, but it just makes my mind work harder that a washing machine that tangles clothes and keeps agitating them!


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