Can we really be comfortable with ourselves?

29 Dec 2013

"One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things."

Henry Miller

How often do we think that we have 'arrived'?

Finally we have 'made it'...

Arrived at an answer, a location, a job, a position or even a relationship?

In the bigger picture of things it may feel that we can relax and settle into a new result, location or partnership...the challenge is - that the only constant in life is change. That 'C' of change...whipped up the ever roiling waves of cultural and societal shifts.

The only comfort, I believe ever to be found, is that which is found 'inside'. That clarity of who we are and what we stand for, regardless of the push and pull of the material word.

Question - Can we really be comfortable with ourselves?

Once we find that elusive Holy Grail, then no matter what happens 'outside' us, we can be sure of being on solid ground, like a lighthouse and far more able to deal with the ever changing world around us.

In this respect we can 'see' that everything will change - that we do not have to force it or even create change - we simply have to join it - to simply show up - and in having identified and clarified our own values (what we stand for) we will not be pushed over or submerged in this 'C of change'.

The way we individually look at our life, will constantly change due to age, or career, beliefs, or family.

For many it will at times 'throw' them and they will attempt to carry on as before.

It may even trigger depression, by attempting to stay the same while all around is cannot stay the same...unless you not only believe in your God (whichever one it is) but believe you are that God.

We must, I believe, constantly see ourselves on that never ending path, with our direction driven by our compass (our values) then at least we know our direction. What remains then is how we 'see' each situation we arrive at - dare I say each crossroads. And if it is the same crossroads as before...we didn't take the right route last time. (same job issues - same relationship issue - same health issues)

Each decision is a 'door' to a new view, a new panorama...

How grounded and how broad is your vision - can it adapt like your eyes for short and long sight as well as the ability to step back and see the whole picture?

How are you viewing your world today?

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