Can you enjoy without remembering?

13 Sep 2019

What would you choose?

You can have any experience for one night you want, no money limit, but, and there is always a but, you will have no memories at all after the event is over.

What do you choose? The experience because it will be amazing, or do you say no because what is the point of an event if there is no memory.

Can you enjoy something that you can not remember or is the best thing about travel, telling stories to others and looking at photographs?

Some of you will answer so quickly and say this is so easy others will ponder and wonder what they would choose but eventually they are confident in their answer.

Other people I have asked will just refuse to decide and think it is way too silly and hypothetical.

So, do you want that once in a lifetime event you will not recall or are you happy to remember events however ordinary?


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