Can you recommend…?

12 May 2022

How many times has someone asked you to recommend a movie, a book, somewhere to stay, a café, a washing machine etc. It could be anything from clothes to cars, cosmetics to lawyers, trades people to counsellors. The list is so long.

I have a problem in advising someone as I may like the book or the café but what right do I have to assume another person has my taste. I have often been told to read something, watch a movie, or go to an exhibition which I have not liked at all.

There is now a whole generation that won’t eat, fly, stay, read or go out without consulting trip advisor or influencers on Instagram. I remember a few years ago going to dinner with a young relative who not only checked ahead the café we were eating at but once there she looked up each meal to see the ones that had the best reviews. I wonder will there be a time where only a few will dare to read a book that has not been recommended or reviewed or stay at a place not with 5 stars on trip advisor.

I have asked when I have moved to a new place about understanding doctors. I know people who are confident in advising others how to dress, where to eat, how to heal but for me who is often on the receiving end of often unasked for advice, I find their confidence somewhat unwelcome.

I am interested can you tell me if you are the person who feels self-assured enough to recommend books etc to others, why you want to share your advice with others? What is the strangest thing someone has recommended to you?

Are you a person who often asks others for recommendations, does it help you make a decision? Are you concerned that as a society we wont do anything unless someone has recommended, what are you concerned about?


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