Can you teach Empathy?

8 Apr 2021

Lately some politicians in my country have had trouble with how they relate to the opposite sex. One man who had been accused of calling women names that were not pleasant on social media was told to take lessons in empathy training.

I know this is a serious matter but how can someone represent his electorate and reach the age of 40 plus and not know that calling people names is not a helpful thing to do.

I wonder what empathy training entails and how does one become an empathy trainer and what qualifications and or training does one need. I know that mood scope members are full of empathy. I wonder if anyone here knows about what empathy training is and what an empathy trainer does. Is it just me or does anyone else think there is something strange with our society if we need training to be kind to others?

I have read that empathy training is to create healthier workplaces and communities. Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of another - and respond appropriately. Empathy according to one course outline is learning to care.

Does anyone worry that we need to learn how to care about others?

Many people, including opposition MPs, women’s advocates and psychologists were immediately sceptical. If someone needs to take a course on how to be empathetic, surely something fundamental is missing, which no amount of training can fix? I am dubious about empathy training - it has all the signs of a human resources fad.

What do you think? I am not sure if other countries have empathy training in the workplace or for wayward politicians.

Can empathy be taught? What do you think would be in a training course for empathy?


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