26 Jul 2019

Do you find evidence of yourself having done something, but no memory of how or why?

I will give you an example.

I was living around the corner from a Subway sandwich store. I got into my car, drove down the block, and went in. I waited in line. I ordered. I picked up drinks, and walked home. I ate, finished my evening, went to bed.

The next day, my fiance asked me where the car was as he wanted to go to work.

Well the driveway, of course.

No, it's not there.


In a panic I get out of bed. We called the police, we called him off work. We sat horrified in bed.

Someone had stolen our car!

His phone rings hours later. It's the Police.

He sighs and gets off the phone. "You drove it to Subway, didnt you?"


"Yesterday, for dinner... you drove the car to subway, didnt you?"

No, because I would have driven it back. Yet I clearly remember walking home. Yet I clearly remember driving there. Those were separate days, werent they?

Dissociative Amnesia Disorder is a debated diagnosis. But I can tell you first hand, it's unbelievable how dissociative you can become.


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