Character Building.

12 Jan 2017

When I decided to move to Suffolk last year I had no idea of the challenges that lay ahead.

Within two weeks of moving I was the third person on scene to find a body floating face down in the quayside. They had jumped in from The Orwell Bridge and floated into the harbour. All rescue services were in place within minutes and knew of the missing person as a family were trying to find him. His dignity was kept in place and people dispersed and allowed the recovery teams do their work.

This did upset me but I could not allow such a situation to hamper my new venture. Weeks went past and I soon allowed myself to realise life can be cruel but can also be very exciting. I chose excitement. It is within all of us to choose the positive. Then looking up each day and seeing and being aware of my new environment was suddenly becoming fun. There were many different characters in Ipswich and remembering Giles the cartoonist worked from his office here in the town.

I have never seen so many lookalikes and act a likes in one place. Just going to one of the local pubs I watch the guy who you could easily call the Grinch sitting at the bar with his beer or the guy who looks like Tommy Cooper and many other characters to enjoy such as the three local Roman Catholic priests doing their crossword on a Sunday evening in the pub and the gent who has severe OCD and has to rearrange the glasses on the table and put chairs under tables if no one sitting at them even if they have nipped to the bar.

Better still is the 50 year old fellow who looks about 30 and goes round the pub collecting empty glasses so he can earn himself a half pint of beer, plus when he speaks his mouth hardly opens and he may have certain issues but he is such a lovely person.

In fact there are hundreds of different people with so many different traits that life is actually full of richness we all miss from time to time because we get too busy.

When we look at ourselves how serious do we take our own traits or habits which have been formed from many years of different experiences? For example I never eat food in a café that's been on show with no cover in case someone has coughed over it. Another is I drink hot water only first thing in the morning and before going to bed. Both of the above are from my life on this planet as I was not born with these peculiarities. Some consider these good habits, others find them strange. To be honest I am happy with who I am so surely that matters more. Accepting who I am is what allows me to get through tough times or unexpected circumstances like the above. My Character is still building.

What are some of your more obscure habits you wish to share?

Frank from the Quayside

A Moodscope member.

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