Characters you relate to

9 Jun 2022

Recently a four-year-old told me about her favourite character in the Disney Encanto movie was Louisa. She is a very capable strong woman who has great powers of strength. The four-year-old told me she is strong like Louisa. I thought how wonderful it was that she had a choice to choose from apart from beautiful princesses. 

I wonder whether fictional characters whether animated or human, or object throughout your life have had an impact or an emotional reaction on us.  Sometimes if we feel isolated or if we may feel we don’t fit in, we may then find a character who is like us, so we don’t feel so alone.


I related as an adult to Oscar the grouch on Sesame Street who even though he appeared to enjoy being grumpy deep down he was kind. I like his personality and the fact he didn’t fit in but was accepted by the other characters. I also wrote about how I relate to Winnie the pooh characters as they feel timeless to me. Sometimes I am Winnie and sometimes Piglet and sometimes Eeyore. 


I would like to know of a fictional character, and it can be living or an object or  from cartoons, tv, movies, books etc. It may be a character you loved as a child or as adult or a few characters that you have related to. You may have a character who helped you through rough times or who makes you smile.



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