Chocolate withdrawal

18 Mar 2022

Recently I heard an interview with an author who was writing about the evils of sugar and how he lost weight and his life had improved since cutting out sugar.

As I know I eat too much chocolate I decided to go without chocolate for a month and see the results.

I thought this would be a piece of cake (a chocolate free sugar free one) as I only ate a bit of chocolate a few times a week. I also knew I didn’t have a chocolate habit so I would have no problem. I decided to keep a journal.

Day 1.

This is going to be so easy - managed the whole day and I have no cravings at all.

Day 2.

I am so proud of myself; I wasn’t tempted by the chocolates at my local shop. I haven’t even touched the little bit of chocolate in my house.

Day 3.

I am still going well. I am not missing that sweet melt in the mouth taste of chocolate. I don’t miss the smell or that chocolate can solve most of life’s problems.


The little bit of chocolate I thought I had was just scrunched silver paper- not that I was looking for chocolate.

Day 5

I have never noticed before how many chocolate ads there are on television. They all have sexy blonde women – so chocolate hasn’t done them any harm- surely one piece wouldn’t hurt- after all I have nearly lasted a week! No, I will be strong, I will be good- and I don’t think there are any shops open around here at 3am.

Day 6

There are many books that have chocolate in their titles and how they all seem to be on my bookshelf- Chocolate, Chocolate war, Better than Chocolate, Like water for chocolate and Chocolate lovers club.

I am strong, I can live without chocolate - but I didn’t say I would give up chocolate biscuits. Ok, just one- that is my reward.

Day 7

I have still not eaten any chocolate, well, chocolate in a bar- I have finished off a packet of chocolate biscuits. I am still strong; I am still on track.

Day 15

Friends and family have made me eat chocolate as they said I was so grumpy and self-righteous without it!! Oh well I did try!!

Have you ever tried to change your diet, change something in your life with limited success?


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