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13 Jul 2016

"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can." I read that quote on Moodscope. But then came to mind a different maxim "Don't try to put a square peg into a round hole". Often to know how to proceed amidst the confusion we might go with the wrong maxim. It is a great thing to have self-belief, but sometimes it can turn to self-delusion. A delusion that might lead you to thinking a square peg can go into a round hole.

I say this, because of Frau Should. She comes to me, with exclamations such as "You should be able to teach at secondary school, other people do" "You should be feeling calm", "You should have worked harder and been a scientist", "You should have found the right partner", you should "x, y and z etc." She never runs out of shoulds.

Having said that, I believe that "In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can." But I also believe, that in order to succeed then we should first "know ourselves". Some of Frau Should's better advice. And I think, Socrates had something to say about the subject also.

I know then, that: secondary school teaching goes against my sensitive grain; I have tendency towards anxiety; I did not work harder, nor at the time did I have the competitive edge to be a scientist; I, like many people, have been disappointed in love and relationships; and sometimes a, b and c apply rather than x, y and z.

So, there is clarity, but often it is only to be found at the end of confusion. Like a baby trying to find the round hole for the round peg for the first time. Their innate curiosity is all they need. No intellectualising about belief, a lot of error, but also a great satisfaction in discovering the peg rule. And, though they don't know it, they have applied one of life's first maxims "don't try to put a square peg into a round hole"


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