Club 45.

10 Jul 2014

No, it's not a holiday company for 45 year olds. It's a principle. I would love to be remembered for my erudite insights – my deep wisdom, but this is one of my Araldite insights! (Araldite was a glue from my childhood – so this is an idea that has stuck like glue.) I used to mention it in my workshops because of the need to keep participants minds active and fresh throughout the day. Many weren't used to sitting and concentrating for long periods of time.

The principle is very simple – your body-brain system needs to refresh or reboot itself every once in a while. The reason is physically fascinating – your lymphatic system needs help. Your blood's circulatory system has its own pump – the heart. This works regardless of your body's posture or level of activity. Not so the lymphatic system. Amongst other things, the lymphatic system helps to remove toxins from the body. It has amazing valves to ensure the lymph flows the right way. But it's only pump is movement. If you sit still for too long, trouble begins to brew in your lymph.

By this I mean that if you sit still for too long, the toxins build up with nowhere to go. Being in a stuck state is easy when we're not in a happy frame of mind. We can sit or lie immovable. Even a little, regular movement can help.

It is my hunch that phrases like a 'pain in the neck' or a 'pain in the bottom' come from this build-up of toxins in the lymph nodes. When the poisons collect, there is natural discomfort. So, to avoid this, I set up 'Club 45' in my seminars – enforcing a physical movement break every 45 minutes.

I am slightly embarrassed to say that this was the most popular aspect of my training... that and lunch. Why? Well because it works. Taking a 20 second physical stretch break every 45 minutes allows your amazing lymphatic system to do its job well. You'll feel energised, refreshed, healthier.

There's more... 'Mind the Gap' is one of my favourite saying from our Underground and Rail system. Interestingly, giving your mind a gap by having a break every 45 minutes also allows new insights to emerge. It's like giving yourself space to think.

So, give yourself a break by having a break!


A Moodscope member.

(ps. I use a kitchen timer so I don't have to think about monitoring the time.)

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