Coffee grinding

27 Aug 2021

When I’m up earlier than my husband, I perform a little ritual that makes me feel calm and contented. I crack open our kitchen balcony door, take a deep breath of fresh early morning air, sit down and start to sing a mantra while I slowly grind coffee beans by hand.

I’m not a regular singer, not even under the shower. It’s something uncommon. I’m not used to it. But this became a new habit and makes me feel good and unique.

I’m not a Buddhist and this is not about religion, but some mantras make me feel good. When I sing them or read them out aloud it’s like a treat only for me.

Your favourite song or prayer or poem will do the same job. Give it a try. Maybe it makes you feel pleased and special, too.

The Om-sound at the beginning causes very pleasant vibrations in my whole body and I enjoy pronouncing the exotic Sanskrit words of a healing mantra (the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra: “Om Tryambakam…”).

The grinding movement, to conquer a little resistance over coffee beans by every round of the grinder handle, the grinding sound, the tasty smell of freshly ground coffee, I sense all this. I take notice of little things. And I enjoy these little things.

I focus on the movement of the grinder handle and the singing. I find that I started to think friendly thoughts, to smile and to feel very peaceful every time I do this. And afterwards.

A while after I started this, my husband asked me if we changed the coffee brand, because the coffee tasted different to him. I reported him about my new habit and that it was still the same coffee brand. He told me the coffee tasted better for some time and I looked much brighter on some mornings. I think he’s right.

Take care.


A Moodscoope member.

P.S.:I’d like to thank all people who write down some of their thoughts and stories and feelings for others to read them here. Thank you.

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