Come, journey with me

18 May 2019

As the sun bathes all in liquid gold

I feel the softness of grass under bare feet

Stopping, eyes closed, I drink in the freshness of the day

My arms so relaxed; all heavy burden relinquished

I smile and know it pleases her...

...for me to feel at peace and whole.

Lowering myself to the grass I soak in all around me

Lying now, I rest my head amongst the pasture

Watching the bee land nearby; I look in wonder as she drinks in the nectar

The fly flits about searching his bounty

A dog barks in the distance

Causing the crows to fly off en masse.

Listening to the trees sigh, as their leaves are caressed by gentle breeze

The Robin skips from branch to branch

A Song Thrush stops close by to serenade my soul

The sweet, sweet smell of blossom

- making me laugh like a drunken jester

The kite swoops, searching to nourish his newly hatched future

And all around me life smiles

I feel embraced by its support.

I stand once more, time to leave now

Walking away from my oasis I'm thankful for all I have

I feel the inner warmth

Nourished by all I have been offered

I turn to walk my new path

The one that holds an exciting new life

Like coming out of hibernation

I see all with fresh eyes now.


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