Comin Home...

4 Jun 2015

I’m sitting down by the roadside,

Watching life just pass me by,

Everybody is going somewhere,

Riding just as fast as they can ‘fly’.

I guess they’ve got a lot do,

Before they can rest assured,

That they can have their own life,

And they can never be ‘insured’.

For what is real and meaningful in life,

That sits inside of ‘you’,

They simply run and ‘buy’ that life,

And turn a deeper shade of blue.

How long have we been drifting,

Past all that matters in us?

How long could we have been sifting,

The good out from the pus?

How long have we been leaving,

All the hard stuff out till later?

How long can we go on,

Frustrated or in anger?

When are we going to be happy,

When are we going to be content?

When are we going to go inside,

And recognise what has been misspent?

Was it our treatment of another,

Was it our lack of discipline,

Was it how we treated our parents,

Or was it a more basic sin?

Or are we doing OK,

As we mature and catch some thoughts.

It’s the questions that really matter,

Not the parental and societal ‘oughts’.

The questions are all our own,

As we look and feel inside.

They are not the IQ answers,

That enable us to hide.

To hide from ourselves,

To hide from our peers,

To hide so much so often,

Until there are fearful tears.

So how can we look up now,

Far as our eyes can see.

To be all that we can,

And all we hope to be.

‘Cause, no matter how fast we run,

We can never seem to get away from ‘me’.

Don’t matter where we are, I can’t help feeling,

That we are just a day away, from where we wanna be.

So I’m comin home babe,

Like a river to the sea.

I’m now gonna go inside,

To find the real me.

I’m gonna drop this image,

And embrace vulnerability.

I’ll open up my heart,

To love and embrace me.

I’m comin home babe,

Like a river to the sea.

I’m now gonna go inside,

To find the real me.

Comin home,

River to sea

Go inside

To find me.






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