29 Jul 2022

Okay, I have done it! I have opened a can of worms and taken the huge step of writing something about communications C.


Just over 12 months ago when I started writing Posts, I compiled a list of possible subjects. The word “Communications “ is still there.


It’s a vast subject; this is the first part of 12! (I jest). I hope I can do it justice in 500 words.


When I worked in a large office of nearly 100 people, before the use of e-mail, good communications were vital. Management decided to set up a “Focus Group” to make recommendations for improving C. The group comprised myself and 5 others. We met about 6 times over a period of around 3 months.


When we finished our final report we asked for feedback. As expected there was a great deal of apathy, a little criticism and some support. I think all our recommendations were adopted. 


So I am not sure we achieved a lot but it did make me realise the importance of good C in all walks of life.


There has always been the need to communicate but the need to communicate well has gained importance with time. The earliest communications were primitive cave wall etchings many years BC. And now look at what we have! Technology and the internet have increased the diverse ways of communicating multi fold in just the last 40 years.


Whatever form it takes there is always the need to communicate well. Various theories have been suggested as to what constitutes good communications.


When discussing MH matters I think some of the most important are:


1 Listen. Hearing is insufficient. Listen carefully to what is being said to you.


2 Know your audience. Show empathy to others opinions.


3 Acknowledge difficulties of others.


4 Offer praise for others achievements.


5 Be clear and concise.


Blogs like Moodscope have transformed the idea of “group therapy”. It facilitates the exchange of information about MH matters between members. Of course it depends on having good Blog administrators. Caroline and her team deserve full credit for making all this happen.


C can of course deliver humour and as one man said:


“My wife and I have such a wonderful marriage. I always know what she is thinking, because she tells me.

She always knows what I am thinking, because she tells me that too!”

And there was the old Two Ronnies sketch in the ironmongers shop. RB requested “Fork Handles” and RC gave him “four candles!”.


Would you like to communicate today?


A Moodscope member.

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