Controlling what goes in

23 Nov 2021

One of the things that has kept my Depression going over the years, I believe, is negative things entering my body, mind and life; whether that be negative messages or stimuli, negative energy from others, harmful vices, junk food. So I have tried to be more conscious of what I let into my life, and I have noticed a positive change in myself.

I try to value my health, time, and attention. I try to remember that humans are sensitive to what is going on around them, even on a subconscious level – we are not robots who can just power through any situation, or experience unpleasant things indefinitely without feeling some aftereffects.

A boat doesn’t sink because of the water around it, it sinks because of the water it lets in. And in the past, I was drowning under the weight of poor habits and harmful influences. I was letting too much bad stuff in.

Now, I avoid excessive screen time, especially at night, which helps my sleep. I deleted my social media and stopped checking the news, which has made me feel calmer, more empathetic towards others, and a little more hopeful about the world. I have stopped watching Youtube as much, or mindless gaming for hours at a time, and instead I read positive books, spend more time outside, write letters. And I made the choice to put more healthy, natural ingredients into my body where possible. Eating healthier has improved my mood somewhat. It’s a massive change to my old pizza, white bread, chocolate and cookie diet.

Of course, I can’t avoid all negatives. We have to accept the ups and downs of life. But I have found that being selective, putting up healthy boundaries, and making positive choices to do things that nourish me has all been one part of my recovery process.

What positive influences do you want to introduce into your life?


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