Crafting Calmness

21 Jul 2019

I wonder if you are like us? When Penny and I are both feeling low – at the same time – we have a strong desire to shut the door and not go out. We don't want to mix with people as it often takes too much energy. That's not always true, though, because there are some sparky people out there, beyond the closed door, who give tons of energy.

We both love to create – to craft. Creating crafts is calmness for us. It brings us peace. For Penny it's very physical crafts like knitting and sewing. For me, it's making music, doing photography, or creating video productions (and sometimes all three!)

This weekend we were both low but decided to pop down to the Courtyard Craft Centre to see a predictably perky person at, "Not Just Wool," Serena! "Not Just Wool," is a good name for her shop because we always leave feeling uplifted and she never stitches us up but rather has us in stitches! Enough with the puns.

There was a double bonus this weekend, however, because Serena's got new neighbours – two other crafty shops run by equally perky people! First, we met Coralie – of Coralie's Crafts and Gifts. What beautiful names our crafty friends have... but get this, Coralie was taught the mystical arts of sewing by her auntie, "Enid Threadgold"! Now, there's a name for the writers amongst us to conjure with! Coralie gladly shared that she finds her peace when she's creating. She's a specialist in embroidery and her work is gorgeous. She also had amazing Money Monster bags... yes, I want one!

Most importantly, though, Penny, Coralie, and I all agreed that crafting and creating were paths to peace for us, ways to literally craft 'calm' in our lives. Thus, I was wondering how many Moodscopers turn to craft and art or music to create calm? And, if you don't, have you got a craft you'd like to take up as a means to finding inner peace?

Did you think I'd forgotten the second bonus? No way!

Finally, hard-rocking Hayley of HappyhayClothing! We walked into her store with Iron Maiden playing in the background. Within moments we were comparing notes on, "The Rocky Horror Show," and creating a new institution: "Tim Curry, Curry Night!" For this, friends get together, eat curry, and watch films with Tim Curry in! Hayley makes beautiful dresses and furnishings and the heavy rock backing was wonderfully incongruent... and yet perfect!

Next time you're tempted to shut out the world and close yourself off from people, find a craft centre to visit. They attract good people who can create calm and bring a smile to your day!


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