Crossed wires.

15 Sep 2016

I was ironing the other day and got frustrated with the fact that the wire on the iron was twisted and curly. My work phone, prior to wireless, used to be the same. Nobody else seemed to have the same problem!

Getting your wires crossed is an euphemism for getting the wrong end of the stick, not correctly interpreting a message. My brain at times appears to have many crossed wires. Sometimes it appears over-wired where my brain overreacts and creates many messages in its interpretation of the environment. It's so busy with thoughts flying around, great for creativity but not so fun if you can't control it and you never switch off. At other times, my brain distorts those messages and misinterprets them so that seemingly innocuous thoughts become negative ones.

Can you train your brain? I'm not talking about doing the crossword or sudoku but finding ways of decoding those negative messages or stilling the brain.

I'm no brain expert nor do I understand the physiology of the brain. What I do know is that medication, exercise, laughter, CBT and mindfulness all have had a part to play in my journey.

So is there a message you have misinterpreted or a way of thinking which was unhelpful which you have learnt to change?

I'm eager to learn!


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