Crossing the Line (The Double Yellow one!)

31 Oct 2016

There is was. Parked. Gorgeous. Luxurious. Ostentatious. Opulent. Sumptuous. Expensive. Really Expensive...

Then a random stranger stopped and gave me the hind-lick manoeuvre and I spat out the thesaurus I'd clearly just swallowed and got on with the story...

It was a most beautiful Bentley. A car of such elegance. With a very witty personalised number plate. This was someone who had 'arrived'.

Not only had they arrived.

They had parked.

On a double yellow line!

On a bend!!

How do you feel about this guy – for a guy it was?

We shall call him 'Mason' – for that was what his number plate may have declared.

Me? I felt angry.

I'd been ill all week.

Deprived of sleep.

I was a tad bitter.

I wanted to key his car.

And here was this rich parker plonked without a care – completely disregarding the rules as if they didn't apply to him.

So I took a picture and stuck it on Instagram and Facebook.

What a knob.

I am.

I mean.

I'm mean.

Why was the problem with me?

Well, firstly, he then came out of a shop and I recognised him – a chap I thought was pretty OK actually.

Secondly, it was me who was the felon.

I was bitter. Twisted. And then I found the root... I was jealous. I was a robber – robbing my heart of joy... and sending it's blood pressure up in the process.

I was jealous that he was 'free' and I wasn't.

If he got a parking ticket, he had a roll of high currency notes that he could pay it off with on the spot (yes, I've seen him and his uncle pull out a wedge of cash, just like in the movies.) It would mean nothing to him. It wasn't that he didn't care – it was that it simply didn't matter to him in the grand scheme of things.

Have you ever noticed the really nice cars parked in the front of the hotels? You know, the ones parked even closer than the disabled bays? Why is this? It's because they've elevated their game to such a level that it's really not the same game. They actually don't play by the same rules as you and me because it isn't the same game. Hey, he doesn't even pay tax... probably... just his tax advisor.

So here's my thought for today. I don't want to be the jealous guy (even if that is such a cool song). I want to play a new game. I want to raise the level of my game. I want to cross the line... I want to cross the lines that have been holding me back...

...even if they are the double yellow ones.


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