Darth Vader does Charlotte's Web, a true story.

10 Oct 2015

Me: It's rainy and cold. What the...? Walk?! IN it?! Today?! I'm broken!!!

Other me: Yes rainy, so what. You need it. How else will you fix this? Get. Out. Side.

Me: I can't. I'm almost dead. I have nothing to give.

Other me: You can. You must.

Me: Hang up. Other me: You hang up. Me: Hate you. Other me: Love you.

Thumped along the pavement. Two hoods up. Angry. Stompy. Wet legs. Cold legs. Huff. Puff. Got to shop. Can't see out of wet glasses. Bought stuff. Paid. Wrong pin. Typical. Paid again. Left. Now, hot. Two hoods up again. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

This is daft. I'm roasting. Hoods down. Ah better. Cooler air on hot head. Lovely. Rain on cheeks, lovely. Oooh it's quite nice. The birds are singing their lungs out! Wow, I wonder what got them going? Look at that spider web suspended in the hedge... STUNNING.

Laden with rain, it reminds me of depressed people. Fragile and vulnerable, looking ready to break but holding firm, made of stronger cords than is ever thought. Had I not been ill, I would not have walked, not seen its wonder, not seen that there were tens of them, no scores of them. All along the hedges on my walk back were scores of the most beautiful sight I'd seen in days. Why would I deprive myself of this? Scores of webs, gracious and miraculous, swaying, dripping with droplets. It was as though they had heard my stomp as I passed by one way and had put on this art installation for my sore eyes on my return. Each one greeted me, swayed for me, showed me beauty, bowing in greeting as I walked. Thank you.

Nearly back. I am still feeling a little Darth Vader but my robes are now pale grey and definitely made of cashmere.

Go outside. Stomp for 30 minutes. Blog the result. Dare you. Go on...

Love from

The room above the garage.

A Moodscope member.

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