Darwin Ate an Owl.

10 Mar 2015

Einstein was a womaniser.

Edison electrocuted an elephant.

Christopher Columbus was terrible at maths and miscalculated the size of the earth.

Lincoln disapproved of the first amendment.

Isaac Newton was convinced he could make gold from base metals.

The Italian Artist Caravaggio murdered a man.

Alfred Nobel (of the Noble peace prize) invented Dynamite.

Edward Kennedy was suspended for cheating on an exam whilst at University.

Darwin was not averse to sampling the wildlife he found (including an owl).

No one is perfect, even the best of us make mistakes, it's what makes us human, however we generally remember these people not for their mistakes but for their achievements.

Next time you find yourself berating yourself for a mistake you made, stop and accept that it just what makes you another member of the human race. Celebrate the good things you have done and remember that at least you have not eaten an owl yet!(or have you??).


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