Dear Yvonne

17 May 2019

Have you ever written yourself a letter? I haven't, but I thought I'd give it a go!

"... I hope this finds you well, I know you are doing great and wanted to say, well done, congratulations, go you! You've had a lot to deal with over the years Wow! What an adventure you've had so far, and it looks like you're still thriving on your experiences.

I remember that little girl who enjoyed her own little world, who found things to do by herself and I would like to say thank you. I know you felt sad sometimes, but you built foundations for me to stand alone now and know that I am an independent, strong woman.

You started my love of art and I still enjoy those sketching moments in my free time. I don't think I have the same imagination as you did, but I still love it.

I know the name calling hurt from early school to early adult socialising days and I'd like you to know that you got through it. I'm here, still overweight trying to be as healthy as I can but loving myself in the process. You got the rough end of that deal...

I'm sorry, but again, thank you for being so strong. I think maturity makes our peer group a little kinder... you will be meeting some fascinating people and developing deep friendships in time. You're going to love your two best buddies.

You have endured, tolerated, struggled grasped each opportunity and tried many different things to bring you here today. You have laughed and cried and laughed again so many times. You have memories to fill a million diaries and photos that capture those precious moments. Then there's our daughter... she makes our heart burst.

You made some mistakes had some difficult decisions to make along the way, maybe some, with hindsight, could have been different, but... I listened and learnt, thank you. Well apart from the bad afro perm in the late seventies... that really wasn't cool, and you've barely been forgiven!

Anyway, I want you to know that you're a nice woman, a proud Mum, a good person, a loyal friend, a hard worker and someone that I like being around. I enjoy your company, as do many others, you make me laugh... most days!

We have so much to look forward to together... I love you.

Yvonne xx

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