12 Aug 2019

This week has been crazy. Delivering training for 3 days has put me outside my comfort zone and stretched me as someone who is naturally a complete introvert.

Alongside that I have had to juggle additional childcare for kids, doggie care for dog and try and keep up with the day job,

Along with making a massive faux pas which has rocked me to the core.

So I find that this has led me wanting to declutter. Something unusual as I am quite comfortable with a level of untidiness and junk that others would not tolerate.

I have had to pull on the resources I have to hand to get me through the week including my patient Mum and very kind listening ear of new partner.

I was picking redcurrants and weeding at 8.30am, tidying my cupboards out at 10.30am.

So why this frenetic activity? In the background my children's grandfather/my father in law is very poorly, work is ramping up and I am feeling the demands are just too much.

I seek solace in my garden, good friends, and pottery classes.

I have a tidier house and I am one step closer to dealing with this crazy life.

I could be hiding under my duvet...(maybe later) but for now it's a sunny day, I have coffee and I will let deal with what I can.

Do you ever find yourself rushing round? How do you slow yourself down?


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