Did I mention I work in a Hospital?

20 Aug 2016

Every day I see almost every emotion that exists!

Happiness: Sadness: Frustration: Anger: Elation: and more...

I hear laughter, babies crying as they enter the world, snatches of conversation that you can never make sense of.

There is the busy hustle and bustle on and on, clock ticking, lives being lived sometimes lost.

It is so very easy to complain and feel sorry for yourself because your phone never stops ringing or your tea has gone cold.

It's easy to forget that outside of this big place of care there are people and souls alone, leaving life without a kind hold of their hand or a tear wiped quickly away as goodbyes are made.

It is this realisation that sometimes overwhelms me and I see how we take everything for granted.

Every person animal, insect and yes even every snail! deserves a moment to be thought of and cared about.

This is why I wrote my poem, sat here one busy afternoon when it all stood there before me.

The Snail.

I walked through woods of Brown and Green and saw a Silver snail.

I asked him just how far he'd been he looked so weak and frail,

At first I thought his ears were deaf or that he was not listening,

But then I saw he lay alone in death his last journeys trail still glistening...

The tears rose but did not shed for what means this to me? Just because one snail is dead my heart need not grieve!

So on I walked upon my way when a thought struck at my mind, who will care when, comes my time to leave this world behind?

So back I went to find that snail and say for him a prayer, and when I'm gone I hope that somewhere somebody will care.


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