Did You Take Time Today - To Be Truly Human.

12 Mar 2015

Did you take time today,

To look and wonder why there was a snowline on the grass,

And slowly 'discover' in your mind that that was how high the sun reached over the hedge?

Did you take time today,

To think back and wonder how things used to be,

Things when your heart felt free and your legs used to wonder wherever they felt like going and you had that space?

Did you take time today,

To catch that piece of emotion in the office,

And then go back and 'offer' listening talk and slowly, easily, calmly, ask if things were all right and if there was anything you could do?

Did you take time today,

To watch the joy of the birds in flight and chatter,

To appreciate the wisdom of the animals who can live in the now and cannot 'see' happiness as they are always in it?

Did you have time today,

To stand back from all the busyness of life,

And feel what it is again to observe the observer and watch what feelings open as your then free mind drifts through emotional paths forever locked in that ever moving mind?

Did you have time today,

To catch yourself 'doing' ego,

And judging someone else, as they did the best they could do with what they had – not even affecting you?

Did you have time today,

To forgive another for what they had done,

And more importantly to forgive yourself for being human and flawed as you walk this challenging oft alone, journey of life?

Did you have time today,

To move closer to your values and what you believe,

Because if you did, those challenging decisions will be easier, the way you step forward will be clearer, people will feel your stronger spirit and you will not be so alone?

Did you have time today,

To assist the world become more coherent and peaceful by aligning yourself,

By journeying the farthest distance that mankind ever can – inside?

Did you take time today?

How many minutes were you in 'the present' today?

Can your do more tomorrow?


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